Sweet-16-Party-with-DJ-P-LO –

They grow up so fast don’t they? I have three of them ( Whew)Your sweet little daughter is well into her teens and turning the big one five ( quinces or the 16). Maybe she wants a more modest party with a few friends or maybe she wants to throw a party straight out of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. Either way, hiring a DJ as the entertainment is the best way to ensure a successful party. That is, assuming you know how to find the right DJ for your daughter’s sweet 16.

What to Look for in A DJ for a Sweet 16 Party

  • DJ to stay current on what music is cool (which isn’t easy nowadays)
  • DJs to control the language and content of music appropriate for 16-year-olds
  • DJs communicate what is happening to your guests, avoiding any confusion
  • A good DJ can make even the most reluctant group get out and dance
  • DJ lighting is designed to encourage dancing
  • DJs have flexibility to play whatever music works best with your audience
  • DJs are usually one-man-shows, allowing for affordable rates

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